I heard him say, and I had to cover my mouth to keep from saying anything. Firefly a eyes wavered, I could see her struggling with the decision. I covered my eyes as I heard her gun.

when the group finds him.haha funny because they only have water guns pionting at him.

"Get the hell away from me, bastard," Nick bit out, but the hands gripped his head tightly when he tried to jerk away, fingers digging into his skin. "That's not very polite, Nicky," was the hissed reply. Nick clenched his jaw, teeth grinding together painfully as he stared into the blue eyes. "You don't get to fucking call me that. Only my brother can call me that."

" Mary says, and Alex's nose starts to drip." Why is my nose bleeding?" He asked, and Mary shushed him gently.

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MC's brother (no name yet) to Myra about MC

"IM GONNA KILL HIM! I had only told him that his older brother kissed me against my will.

"You are ready? This will hurt a little. No. Just do it now, we don't have time."

Sherlock - The Empty Hearse - John kidnapped

"She places a cold hand on my jawbone and pushes it to the side,  such a soft touch for such a horrible being. I look at her out of the side of my eye. She inhales sharply, and I know she's staring at my scars." - CEK

Luke was arrested for punching his foster father. He claims he was protecting another kid in the home, but no one believes him.

I CRIED SOOO MUCH WHEN CHUCK DIED. It hurt me even more than 250 did, which is saying a lot.

He's such an AMAZING ACTOR! He's my acting inspiration and I love it! you Dylan stay you and keep doing what you do best!

I didn't understand why this father and his kid where so kind to us. I slowly tended to Tarren's wounds. I sighed without these two we would've died.

Jovert (on the left obvs.) - I feel like he is a trained healer of sorts. Making the scene in which he told Logue that Cortis died on him even worse really.

"Just breathe with me. You're going to be all right." I say, caressing his cheek with my hand. A tear slips out of his eye. " No, I won't."

"Just breathe with me." I say, caressing his cheek with my hand. A tear slips out of his eye.

Valdus when he's regaining control from Darth after almost killing Eren

Thomas' body arcs with a flash of blue and he's on the ground with his hands clamped over his ears." he screams. His voice is hoarse; my heart feels as if it will burst forth from my chest.

"I told ya you were cute, kid," the girl growled. "I /really/ didn't wanna mess that pretty face up."

"I told ya you were cute, kid," the girl growled. "I really didn't wanna mess that pretty face up.