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((Open RP. (Preferably two guys). Be the person who finds him?)) One of the guys holds me down as the other kicks me as hard as he can. The air leaves my lungs, and I cough. "This is what you get for being a queer in this town." He punches me in the face. As blood starts to pour from my nose, he kicks me in the groin and they leave me there. As I lay there, I hear footsteps approach, and I wince, expecting the worst.

He just took it as they held him down, not letting them see what this did to him. He laughed and spat blood in their faces before another fist came down on his face.

"Just breathe with me. You're going to be all right." I say, caressing his cheek with my hand. A tear slips out of his eye. " No, I won't."

"Just breathe with me. You're going to be all right." I say, caressing his cheek with my hand. A tear slips out of his eye.

"She places a cold hand on my jawbone and pushes it to the side,  such a soft touch for such a horrible being. I look at her out of the side of my eye. She inhales sharply, and I know she's staring at my scars." - CEK

Luke was arrested for punching his foster father. He claims he was protecting another kid in the home, but no one believes him.

Kent was taken Captive by Lost Boys they blamed him for Peter Pans Disappearance they took him to Neverland"Please dont! I'm innocent in this moment I want my Rey respect me I beg you I didn't do it!" They beat him until he's weak-you and Aspen come charging in him with sword and pistol in hand((closed))

previous pinner: Pain shrieks in his body as he sprawls on the floor. He groans…

I didn't understand why this father and his kid where so kind to us. I slowly tended to Tarren's wounds. I sighed without these two we would've died.

" Glitch asked as he held one of the younger beings back by the arm." They look like needle insertion points. Like since they continuously injected him with stuff, they put these holes him to stop continuous bleeding.

"Get the hell away from me, bastard," Nick bit out, but the hands gripped his head tightly when he tried to jerk away, fingers digging into his skin. "That's not very polite, Nicky," was the hissed reply. Nick clenched his jaw, teeth grinding together painfully as he stared into the blue eyes. "You don't get to fucking call me that. Only my brother can call me that."

" Mary says, and Alex's nose starts to drip." Why is my nose bleeding?" He asked, and Mary shushed him gently.