London, November 5, 1940. The bride walks out of her bombed-out house. From the book "The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashions" by Edwina Ehrmann.

Wartime Bride Sets Out For Church - Miss Ena Squire-Brown, an international dancer famed for her Dove Dance, leaves her recently bombed home for St. George's Church in Forest Hill, to marry Royal Air Force flying officer J.

Circus Lions, 1905

1905 big cat tamer show that getting 13 live lions to shut up and pose is no problem

40 Rare Historical Photos That Prove We've Always Been Weird

vintage everyday: Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in travelling to work at offices in London where she was a supervisor. The scooter was a birthday present from her husband, the journalist and Liberal politician Sir Henry Norman.

#HistoricalPics: Police Aviation force member performing a stunt, New York, 1920

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London fog - afailry rare sight these days (the air is now much cleaner and less polluted leading to far less fog)

londongramer: “ An incredible fog descended on over night which was expertly caught by - you don’t see like this every day!