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I have wanted a cross for a long time but haven't found one I really like. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

Cross tattoo design by ~Zanie-LArch on devian - in Mat 22 Jesus ask who is on a coin they say Cesers then he says rendered to Ceseres what is Cesers and give to God what is God. I am God and I am sealed with the cross of Christ forever

This would make a pretty tattoo

This ornate cross clipart features a representation of a cast iron cross in front of scroll work. Very European in design, use this black and white cross design for any of your Church media needs.

like the idea: mermaid. I'm thinking of this as a sideboob tattoo. I'll add color, I'm going for a watercolor look.

that’s a tattoo idea!

Cool blue heart tattoo idea--it'd be cool to do a colored Z with black/gray something like this


More rosemaling-inspired ideas. Like it but would be better with a hibiscus flower

dream catcher cross tattoo - Google Search

Cross Tattoos - The Meaning of Christian and Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs >>> Check out this great article.

possible ink ill get done

mirsulli collected Feathers watercolor tattoo on arm in Watercolor. And Feathers watercolor tattoo on arm is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 1323 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about feathers watercolor, feather, watercolo for girls.

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Rose and Key Tattoo Sketch. I like this tattoo idea for a memorial to Zacky. One of the last things he said to me was I will always hold the key to his heart: Also the rose for his birth fect