Killer Clown -

40 Amazing Halloween Costumes That Only Use Makeup

Killer Clown: Considering regular clowns are enough to scare a lot of people, this extra-scary clown makeup might actually make a few people run away, faint or scream. Click through for more Halloween makeup ideas for the best costume yet!

clown dolls

Scary Circus Characters

Scary Circus Characters - These dolls are definitive proof that clowns are evil. Dolls creep me out anyway, and scary dolls even more, but clown dolls.


Not my picture but I created Cadaver the Clown for Mezco Toyz and Spencer Gifts years ago :)

Clowns instantly connote to being creepy, evil and scary. Here are 15 ideas worth a look. #halloween  #scary  #makeup

Photographer/Stylist: Donatella Parisini Wardrobe/Accessories/Stylist: Satya James ( only) Jewelry: Louise Lassay ( 4 only) Hair: Jarrah Hustler ( only)

Demented clown portraits by Elo Perfido | Dangerous Minds

Clownville, a photo series featuring grotesque portraits of terrifying clowns, is the photographic nightmare of French-born photographer Eolo Perfido. Eolo says

zombie boy by ~johnfsebastian Traditional Art / Paintings / Macabre & Horror

Clown of terror and mayhem

`Five scary clowns and half a million crows` – FREE until JULY 3rd