Graphic Design / state of the state In this design the rhythm is seen in the blocks being separated by the smaller lines in between 3 lines

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2082:

La Motocyclette features real stories, interviews and photography from the new wave of women motorcycle riders from San Francisco, Portland, and Brooklyn. Cover photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

politische plakate

Politische Plakate

Politische Plakate von Wyn Tiedmers: Kontroverse Themen in einfachen Motiven

Thomas Ciszewski||ISOMETRIC

Thomas Ciszewski created these stunning posters for the Isometric Exhibition in Paris. Thomas Ciszewski is a Paris-based graphic designer, art director, and photographer who creates outstanding graphics for print and web.

"Boring Formless Nonsense: Experimental Music and The Aesthetics of Failure" by eldritch Priest; designed by Daniel Benneworth-Gray Mais

samatrone:    André Meca - Ultima Contemporary Music Festival Oslo                                                                                                                                                                                 More

poster for Ultima Contemporary Music Festival Oslo / designed by André Meca - I like the type layout and mix of placement.