Amnesty posters: Steve McCurry Poster

Amnesty International posters - in pictures

Afghan Refugee, Peshawar, 2010 (US). Photographed by Steve McCurry in Pakistan Amnesty International. Amnesty International posters - in pictures.

'''French festival poster: This striking poster is from Paris-based designers Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez who operate under the name Helmo.'' i just met clément today

Young South Africa: Jong Afrikaner

Roelof van Wyk’s Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait is a published series of portraits of urbanised, creative and engaged Afrikaners who present a challenge to preconceived ideas about Afrikaner identity and values.

Magdiel Lopez - LM magazine

Magdiel Lopez - LM magazine

Type frames and overlaps an image Favourites Film Festival 2013

StoreSMART - Magnetic-Back Rigid Holder/Frame - 11" x 14" - 5-Pack - Refrigerator or Locker Magnet - Top Loaders - HPP11X14M-5

Favourites Film Festival Typography and bright colours to create a memorable promotional poster. This poster is reliant on the typography and the way it frames the image to communicate the details of the vent.