4-11-11  Navajo 1904

Pesothlanny, medicine chief, Navaho Nation c. photo by Carl Moon pinnrf 03 03 16

Manuelito Dine Chief

Manuelito leader of the navajo. Didn't go on the long walk told the navajo we can be better than the white soilders.

Navajo child wearing traditional jewelry.

A Young Navajo Girl. The girl is wearing a nice array of silver jewelry. The picture was taken in about 1920 near Gallup New Mexico. She is the daughter of the local silversmith.

A Navaho Chief. Photo taken in 1904 by Edward S. Curtis - WELL, HELLO THERE!!!

Edward S.Curtis 1904 photo entitled:: A chief of the desert - Navaho. Portrait of a (Navajo) chief. He has whiskers and wears a cloth headband and a woven patterned blanket around his shoulders.

Old Washie - Navajo http://www.firstpeople.us/native-american/photographs/old-washie-navajo.html

Navajo Woman, Old Washie of Fort Fauntleroy (Credit Ben Wittick Collection Laboratory of Anthropology, Inc. Santa Fe, New Mexico)