Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf

The 20 most romantic wedding photos

Very, VERY beautiful, sexy, well done wedding photograph. Love how you can see the city lights in the background and it's done in black and white. (Wishin' I got a couple like this on my wedding day!

Photo inspiration - B&W, city street scene (Chuck & Blair)

Les couples de séries sont nocifs pour notre propre vie amoureuse

Chair (Chuck and Blair). My favorite TV couple on Gossip Girl. They are totally meant to be. NOT Dan and Blair- That's all WRONG. Chuck and Blair forever

50 Cosas A Las Que Las Chicas Tenemos Que Decir Sí #girls #say #yes #di #sí

She’s a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed: 11 Reasons Blair Waldorf Is The Baddest Bitch In NYC

20 of the most romantic pictures from real weddings - Wedding Party

20 of the most romantic pictures from real weddings


Charleston Wedding from Hyer Images + Luke Wilson Special Events

amazing lighting! what a beautiful shot!!

I cant wait to have my own beautiful beach wedding one day :) Perfect Beach wedding photo!

Inspiración fashionista al estilo Blair Waldorf -

Inspiración fashionista al estilo Blair Waldorf

The Best TV Wedding Dresses . Blair on Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl fans may not have been rooting for this groom, but the stunning, lace Vera Wang A-line dress Blair wore at her wedding to soon-to-be ex husband Louis was fit for a princess.

Every woman deserves this. |

My favorite part of the wedding, seeing the grooms reaction when he sees his bride.picture of groom's reaction to seeing the bride for the first time

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Destiny - 9 Very Memorable Quotes from Blair Waldorf Never seen this movie but this quote is so true Bish what, it is a serie.

Dress Details / Wedding Style Inspiration / LANE

classic style wedding dress with lace detail also love it as a wedding picture, its totally hot

Where...where did the extra hand come from?  Is her arm that stunningly long?

'Gossip Girl' Films a Wedding

Leighton Meester wears a blue floral wedding dress as she and Ed Westwick film a wedding scene for 'Gossip Girl' in Central Park. The ceremony then is interrupted by a police officer that pulls Westwick away from the wedding.