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Beautiful traditional indian bridal wear, with wedding lehengas or wedding sarees for the indian wedding.

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Nath or the nose ring completes the look of the bride, making her look traditional and ethnic. Made of gold, it is generally worn on the left nostril and is supported by a gold chain, which extends just behind left ear.

Marwadi Bride A minimalistic blush of copper & Gold on her cheeks and fine kohl-lined eyes define her ethnic elegance

What a beautiful large low bun with real flower gajra! Care however should be taken before adopting such hairstyles, as due to it's high static charge, it will cause phlegm to move up in the throat, causing the voice to quaver & a frequent urge to clear the throat. A heavy chabi chhalla with a long & wide hook if inserted at the edge of the pleats of the saree, will reduce this problem as it's hook will activate the acupressure points that act to keep the throat clear.

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Indian Bridal With Makeup and Heavy Jewelry forms a very important part of the overall attire of an Indian bride. In fact, the bridal look is believed to be incomplete unless the bride wears each a.


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Since I will be decked to the hilt in color and accoutrements, I will keep the hair and makeup relatively simple.

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I think Indian women are possibly the most beautiful women in existence. Pick any woman I'm certain there is an Indian woman at least twice as beautiful. the colors/patterns in Indian weddings are incredible.

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The Indian bridal eye makeup greatly differs from the eye makeup styles from other parts of the world. It may match the bridal attire or contrast with it.

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