The color purple. Does it work for this look? Makeup: Chereine Waddell Website:



Makeup Ideas & Inspiration lavender look, lavender purple matte lips, pink eyebrows, pink blush, mauve & yellow eyes

Candy colors. x

Below are some of the best color combinations for eye spring makeup. 4 eye makeup colors for every lady!

not fell lonely

I really want to recreate the makeup for a tutorial. MUA: Chereine Waddell ” Their makeup!

Makeup Idea love the hair and makeup but if they're trying to fake a bridge piercing-fail


red obsession - Thairine Garcia is the face of the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Trailer Brasil Magazine editorial ‘Red Obsession.’ Photographed by Nico.

Neste vibrante ensaio fotográfico, Candy Warhol, o fotógrafo TOMAAS mistura o legado artístico de Andy Warhol com uma porção generosa de pirulitos, balas, chicletes e doces em geral. O resultado é …

Candy Warhol

Today we are presenting Candy Girls for our viewers. All of you will thinking what is candy girls?

HOT beauty photography by Gavin Oneill

Gorgeous beauty, model Alena Blohm photographed by Gavin O'Neill. Pretty smoky brown makeup for brown eyes with nails in bright colors pink, orange, yellow and green.

Pravana metallic pastel rainbow melt hair color 2018.

Rainbow Hair Color Artist in Tacoma WA

Pravana metallic pastel rainbow melt hair color 2018.

Pastel hair.

But I've sworn myself off of brightly colored hair! It's just now finally getting healthy after 2 years.