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Atari video game console. This was the first console I ever had at home. I borrowed it from a friend (in exchange for my Star Wars AT-ST walker) and played Asteroids on it. (1938×1151)

Atari 2600 - released in 1977 as "Atari Video Computer System" renamed after the new 5200 model was released in

The Mac Daddy of all of them, The only video game console I ever played!

Atari My parents had this game system. I remember playing Berzerk & Pac-Man on this game system. I got a 2600 jr. that plays all the 2600 games.

Gelbe Telefonzellen

Public telephone booths (german: Telefonzelle, left: version for persons in wheelchair) of the Deutsche Bundespost (from 1994 until now: Deutsche Telekom)

we got to have one of these to be cool

wanted a clear phone SO bad! but my mom wouldn't let me have a phone line in my room :(

Jeff Gordon | Gordon opened the briefcase he was carrying and Evernham caught a glipse of the contents: a cell phone, a Nintendo GameBoy, and a racing magazine. This was the driver he was going to help rewrite the record books?

Game Boy

My orthodontist had a deal where we either got a free bike or a free Game Boy if we got braces. I chose the fat kid choice.

Atari oh lord ! This was the only time I was good at playing video games!

I played Space Invaders with my brother but the only game I could win was Pitfall or Centipede!

Langnese Sky Eis

Langnese Sky Eis