When we're done, we are DONE

Yup that is the truth. Throw you out like trash and not think twice about it

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fun I was just talking bout this yesterday. I didn't know it's cause i'm a sag.

Zodiac Facts: Sagittarius (Postscript: hopefully this has nothing to do with being a Sagittarian; it's just common sense♥)

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Except for, with the people I really trust, they know I'm literally a softy lol but in a professional setting like work, I always keep my emotions hidden like a ninja lol this describes me perfectly

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Sagittarius care about a lot of things, but what they don't have time for is the petty bullshit.

Not all of those are in every Sag But he would like to believe he is and would like everyone else to think so too

Sagittarius: They are trustworthy, truthful, generous, and have a passion for justice. They are prepared to be rebellious and they will fight for any cause they believe to be just.

Zodiac Sagittarius….Who are they?

- The Outgoing One. - The Emotional One Who Doesn't Express Easily. - The Freedom Lover.