Arrow 4x01 - Green Arrow - Thea Queen / Speedy #arrow #thearrow #greenarrow #thecw #kurttasche

'Arrow' recap: Oliver became the Green Arrow while Damien Darhk became a big problem

Arrow star Willa Holland has a beef against DC. The actress, know to fans as Thea Queen/Speedy on the show, wasn’t a happy camper when DC/Warner Bros. squashed their plans for the Suicide Squad.

Thea Queen (Speedy) and Laurel Lance( Black Canary) -- I can't wait to do this Black Canary Cosplay!!

Thea Queen (Speedy) and Laurel Lance (Black Canary)>>>I really want to cosplay Speedy!


Stephen Amell on one of the stunts - Oliver Queen - he looks so disappointed! I never doubted that he did the stunt and he did make it look easy (for him, I wouldn't be able to get my feet off the ground)

This is the Flarrow interaction I've always needed in my life. Thea & Cisco #TheFlash 2x08 #Arrow

"I think you're just mad cause my conditioner game is on point" - Cisco and Thea ((This is the interaction I've always needed in my life, hahaha))