Buenas noches................http://www.pinterest.com/dianagarmans/flamenco/

Buenas noches................http://www.pinterest.com/dianagarmans/flamenco/

Blood - Fire - Love

Flamenco dancer Painting of a flamenco dancer- reminds me of my spanish friend

Maria Pagés   Asi se baila

María Pagés, is one of Spain’s leading flamenco dancers, famous for her long, expressive arms and her warm, charismatic stage presence. She performed with Riverdance--fabulous!


Lovers find secret places inside this violent world where they make transactions with beauty.

❤️ Dancing Hands!

I always had trouble transitioning to ballet with my hands because I always had flamenco hands and the teacher constantly had to correct me.

Este es un vestido Flamenco tradicional para chicas en Espana.  Chicas se llevan este vestido cuanda bailando el Flamenco.

Flamenco is a Spanish art form that includes singing, dancing, snapping, clapping, and guitar playing. It is most often associated with the famous red dress women wear to do the dance.