2AFN Poster by Experimental Jetset

poster design - Breathtaking Typographic Posters by Experimental Jetset / Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can't design without type.

Journal by Graphical House

graphicalhouse: The full series of Hyrda posters we’ve designed for OptiStem over the years.

Ordinary People design

51 Striking Minimalist Poster Designs

Graphic Design Dylan Poster 2 Typographic butterflies by Japanese graphic designer 'Ordinary People' design Lett.

いいなと思った: 服部一成「プチロワイヤル仏和・和仏辞典」

いいなと思った: 服部一成「プチロワイヤル仏和・和仏辞典」

Lettera 22, DVD cover submitted by Daniele De Batté (Artiva Design) and designed by Artiva Design (2010)  –Type OnlyUnit Editions

Lettera DVD cover submitted by Daniele De Batté (Artiva Design) and designed by Artiva Design – Type Only Unit Editions

Unisinos Institucional by Miagui Imagevertising

Superbe digital art pour Unisinos by Miagui Studio

Interesting way to show the person and what they like to do for hobbies as well. Could be interesting for business cards or high school graduation pictures or something like that.