The best street art I have ever seen. Its Emiliano Zapata from Mexico.

Zapata the veloved leader of the Mexican Revolution he is known by his slogan "La tierra es de quien la trabaja" the land belongs to whoever works on it. At the end he was back stab by "guajardo" a captn in Carranza's army.


' The writing on the wall.Banksy's latest work appeared last week in a street in north London, on the side wall of a pharmacy !Banksy is the well-known, pseudo-anonymous and elusive English graffiti artist

Porcelain | por Fin DAC

Amazing street art by Irish artist Fin Dac Graffiti Art Street Art I don't regret anything.

Foto: • COMMANDMENTS •  ◦ I see humans but No Humanity ◦ artist: Peter Baranowski  location: Stockholm,Sweden

Amazing street art from around the globe (30 HQ Photos)

We declare the street as our canvas. Let the truth be written on the streets we grow and live on