I would love to explore this house! It makes me think of "Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children"

History and photos of the abandoned Bennett School for Girls, in Millbrook, NY. Also known as Halcyon Hall, Bennett College

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It's just an art department model of Aunt Josephine's house for "Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events" movie

Carleton Villa on Caleton Island, NY. Also called the Wyckoff Mansion. Built by a man that amassed a fortune in typewriters and firearms sold under the name Remington, the stone structure is solid. The inside is what needs extreme repairs.

The Spookiest, Creepiest Old Houses For Sale in America

The Carleton Villa on Carleton Island in the Thousand Islands archipelago of New York. Built in 1894 for William O. Wyckoff, whose massive fortune was derived from the Remington arms and typewriter company. The villa has been abandoned for over 60 years.


Lillesden school for girls (derelict, abandoned, forgotten).Upstairs downstairs by Lensflaredave

What happened to England's abandoned

What happened to England's abandoned

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An abandoned hotel in New York state.

This Old House by Kurt Christensen "Stumbled upon this massive old building near Hunter Mountain in Upstate, New York. This shot doesn't come close to capturing the entire building. This building was the Cold Spring Hotel.

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment.

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment…

Funny pictures about The Paris Time Capsule Apartment. Oh, and cool pics about The Paris Time Capsule Apartment. Also, The Paris Time Capsule Apartment.

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What's Happening To These 10 Abandoned Places In Maryland Is Eerily Beautiful


Casas abandonadas que parecem mal assombradas

The Charles M.Sublett House on Millionaire Row in Danville, Virginia. This Victorian Gothic style home was built in 1874 by Mr. Sublett for his bride Jennie Cosby. It has 3 1/2 stories and is supposedly haunted in this historic district.

LOOK - DANVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE! Haunted House on Millionaire's Row, Danville, Virginia - In Charles M. Sublett built this dream house for his bride Jennie. High Victorian Gothic style, it is historically significant, but nevertheless in ruins.