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Min yoongi I love you,everything of you,I love you just the way you are

{SCAN} ♪Dear Happiness♪ Photobook . ⓒoliv_xoxo . Like & follow…

YASSSS THE SHIRT CAME OFF! This is one of my absolute faves! Suho babysitting the 3 babies Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol! He looks so done hahahah! And Baek is just in his element! I am totally Baek lol!

we are bulletproof!

Who could know that this fluff ball with great hair is actually one of Korea's fastest Idol rappers? Yep Yep that's Min Yoongi.

we are bulletproof!

I just want to say happy Birthday to our RapMonster 😄😄😄 We'll always love our Rap Monie Monie Monie and support him and the rest of BTS for as long as we can.