FINTORP Stang IKEA For å få en lengre stang, koble sammen to FINTORP stenger med bare en holder.

FINTORP Stang, svart

Rail to hang buckets for art supplies. FINTORP Rail IKEA For a longer rail, connect two FINTORP rails together using only one bracket.

Got these at ikea, super nice...    PLUGGIS Magazine file, set of 2 IKEA

PLUGGIS Magazine file, set of 2, white

SKURAR Lanterna p/vela grossa - IKEA (5.99)

SKURAR Lanterna p/vela grossa, branco

IKEA SKURAR Lantern for block candle White 22 cm The warm light from the candle shines decoratively through the lace pattern on the lantern.

BRUSALI Sapateira c/3 compartimentos - branco - IKEA

BRUSALI Sapateira c/3 compartimentos, branco

IKEA - BRUSALI, Shoe cabinet with 3 compartments, white , Helps you organise your shoes and saves floor space at the same time.You can easily adjust the space in the shoe compartments by moving or taking away the dividers.In the shoe cabinet your sho

KALLAX Einsatz mit 2 Schubladen - Hochglanz weiß - IKEA

KALLAX Einsatz mit 2 Schubladen, Hochglanz weiß

IKEA - KALLAX, Insert with 2 drawers, high-gloss white, , You can use the inserts to customise KALLAX shelving unit so that it suits your storage needs.

IKEA - LINNMON / ALEX, Tisch, grau/weiß, , Vorgebohrte Löcher für die Beine; leichte Montage.Ausziehsperre verhindert, dass die Schubladen ganz herausgezogen werden und herunterfallen.Kann frei im Raum stehen, da es auch auf der Rückseite behandelt ist.Verstellbare Fußkappen sorgen für Standfestigkeit auch bei leicht unebenem Boden.

LINNMON/ALEX Table IKEA Pre-drilled leg holes for easy assembly. Drawer stops prevent the drawer from being pulled out too far.


FJÄLLJUNG Cushion cover IKEA Cover is made of ramie; a hard-wearing and absorbent natural material.

FINTORP Stange - 57 cm - IKEA. € 6,99. Zusammen mit kleinem Korb und Becher für Abwaschkram

FINTORP Stange, schwarz

IKEA - FINTORP, Rail, For a longer rail, connect two FINTORP rails together using only one bracket.The rails can also be used for hanging towels.

IKEA - DRÖMMAR, Placa p/forno, O revestimento antiaderente ajuda a desenformar bolos.

IKEA - DRÖMMAR, Baking sheet, Pastry releases easily thanks to the non-stick coating.

LUNS Quadro magnético  - IKEA

LUNS Quadro magnético, preto

IKEA LUNS Writing/magnetic board Black cm Perfect for keys, post and mobile phones.