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She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

22 Reasons To Worship JK Rowling

JK Rowling talks about 50 Shades of Grey…hilarious. I don't know why but the fact the 50 Shades of Grey overtook Harry Potter in sales makes me loose like half of my faith in humanity

JK Prediction

Haha so true everyone has heard of Harry Potter even if they never read the books or watch the movies

HOW CAN HE NOT REMEMBER HER NAME I MEAN SERIOUSLY? (I swear to god if anyone somehow makes a Sirius pun imma kill 'em)

Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson teasing each other on the set of Harry Potter. Makes me really sad majority of people associate him as Edward. He will always be Cedric, and he even prefers it :D

Oh my god

Harry Potter fandom posts part 5 - Knew some of these but had not thought of the roads.<--- love the river song picture to top it off

Hiddleston as Sirius, YESSSSSSSS! Not sure about David Tennant as James, considering he played Barty Crouch Jr. And of course I just love the excuse of putting Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in something together, even if it's hypothetically.

The Marauders: David Tennant as James Potter, Tom Hiddleston as Sirius Black, Benedict Cumberbatch as Remus Lupin and Martin Freeman as Peter Pettigrew! It's perfect! :D - Can we make this a thing?

Emma Watson

Emma Watson on British vs American guys,. "but they wear flip flops." I hate when guys wear flip flops

The Harry Potter fandom part 8 - Imgur

The Harry Potter fandom part 8


if London was secretly a witch (HP/Suite Life crossover) - headcanon accepted!


That is literally one of THE greatest realizations, man I hate movie covers. And then when people have movie covers on books it's just not the same


for those of you still wondering, Neville forgot his robe! Lol well I can cross that off things I always wondered.

Neville Longbottom, A++ in Transfiguration sarahcharlotte

Neville Longbottom: Master of the puberty spell. OMG i love puberty spell

It's actually page 180 but still. Jk Rowling is amazing.

Thank you, JK Rowling, for your kindness. I love JK Rowling and I do more now