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Lupa na louce

Drawing insects through a magnifying glass

insect art project - Google Search

Kids with a View: Insect Art

These are the covers of the second quarter: a flower of spring with recycled material.    Equipment needed:    - A blue cardboard folio size.  - Papers colors: red, yellow, orange and green.  - Old CD's (one per child).  - Painting green (two shades).  - Permanent markers assorted colors.  - Pencils, scissors and glue stick.

old CDs make a pretty base for a flower art project

July 2009 Art Gallery

Could this become a group project for school? cut out city collage: good use for all those magazines!

Autoportrait d'hiver   2ème année

Autoportrait d'hiver 2ème année

Wat we zien dr het sleutelgat maakt ons bang

What we see through the keyhole - garden artworks.

Cute snail activity with concentric circles.

Kandinsky snails with Kandinsky trees.

Underground drawings, 2nd grade | Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists | Bloglovin'

Underground drawings, 2nd grade (Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists)

April Literacy Artist Garth Williams B-Day :Underground drawings, grade

matyroshka коллаж

Patterned Matryoshka Dolls from Deep Space Sparkle

Bubbles stamped in background

Grade: Snorkeling/ Swimming Self-Portraits, Printmaking, Mixed .