Badass Percy

Badass Percy<< Got that rogjt<< *starts fanning self, Hazel Levesque style*<< noooo our little Percy is all grown up

nope cause Sally Jackson is a BAMF and the fandom knows this...

Nope holy fuck that happened YES

"Oh shit, the plot is gone"

Percy Jackson, The Heroes of Olympus and The Trials of Apollo - Percy, Annabeth, Sally, Grover and Nico

Sorry for the language

Sorry for the language

Headcanon accepted

Percy- Roman AND Greek? I wonder how many things rick riordan uses because of what the fandom wonders<<<i don't think that Sally's a roman demigod bc she'd've said. But maybe she's a descendant without even knowing


Solangelo: Nico son of Hades god of death and Will son of Apollo god of healing. <<< Technically Hades is the god of the dead and Thanatos is the god of death. But seriously who doesn't ship Solangelo?

This is literally my calendar

This is literally my calendar except my actual bday is the of August