Subtle but important differences between Fordsy and Dippin Dots

Los hermanos son lo mas valioso que tenemos

Oh that's ok, it's not like I needed my heart!<<<<<FOREVER SOBBING/// i care so much about stan its not even funny

that explains Preston Northwest's little... facial rearrangement

that explains Preston Northwest's little. facial rearrangement<<<it was an improvement

I couldn't stand Pacifica at first. But the last few episodes that she was in, I started to love her. I knew she was stronger than her parents' control.

I knew Pacifica was good from da start--- although what about her dad who got the functions of every hole in his face swapped around?

Gravity Falls 5 [modmad]

Gravity Falls 5 [modmad]

GUYS I already pinned this but I just realized that THEY DIDN'T KNOW. They thought they were sending their kids to stay with STANFORD, the smart and successful graduate who is a responsible guardian that does NOT break every law ever made.

oooook yeah maybe not the most vigilant parents in gravity falls

Accurate<<Especially Dippy Fresh....I hate him back pain meme

Take Back the Falls: *Incoherent screams of pain *<<after we finished crying at Society of the Blind Eye, the meme was "my name is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket and I wish to unsee what I have seen"