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summoned from the underworld by viria<<<<<<<<< this gave me chills. Vira just made herself 100000000 times better in my eyes.<<<<<if Percy Died

PJO/HoO Everyone Takes Care of Nico

PJO/HoO Everyone Takes Care of Nico ---Is he sucking his thumb in the last panel? Ooh, so cute!

Mythomagic with Frank and NicoXD           Art credit: Viria

Nico, your inner dork is showing….Frank notices Nico is somewhat overly protective over one certain card. Kidding, he’s overly protective over all of those cards. He tried to argue at first, but soon realized it was hopeless, haha. All I want

Nico & Hazel | by Burdge | Heroes of Olympus

Hazel shot to her feet. He’s my brother. He brought me back from the Underworld, and you don’t want to help him?” - page Mark of Athena. Nico and Hazel have one of the cutest brother-sister relationship!

Sam's Art

Who’d have thought the son of the god of the underworld would be such an angel

Percy and Jason fighting for him... Aisbkahdjs:3 << I could see something like this happening, but Nico would like, flee. He'd be so embarrassed.

Jason Percy and Nico. Nico must be so uncomfortable with all the physical contact right now, especially with Percy.<---- He's also BLUSHING and looking at Percy.

Solangelo, oh Will you little dork

😅like I wonder if finally Nico just said Fuck It and kissed will😂