But just remember that people being afraid of tomatoes actually had a very valid reason. From what we know now, back then many people's dishes were made out of substances known to be toxic (like lead). The acid in tomatoes and certain other foods would cause small amounts of the toxic substance to come off into the food and would LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE. Since not all foods did this, people assumed that it was the food and not the dishes that were harmful...

Didn't they consider tomatoes poisonous because they reacted with lead plates, causing the lead to fall off and poison them?


And just sits there smiling innocently while Jefferson looks like he's about to explode


No way guys thought Samuel Seaburry was the main character I can never look at the musical the same


i ironically started singing this when i sang along to the soundtrack and now i cant stop singing it its a real problem bc i accidentally sing "the hammer mans move uptown" and yeah

Lin-manuel-miranda ugly crying as he writes eliza's final moments

Lin-manuel-miranda ugly crying as he writes eliza's final moments << Awww Lin it's okay us too

When your best friend says you're Eliza

I try and explain to people the importance of the motifs and the characters musical phrases and everyone's like, "what?

"You know why Jefferson can do what he wants he doesn't respond to schoolyard taunts with a response so ya congratulations"    -Hamilton an American musical ( sry for geeking) - congratulations never in show

Sometimes (like when listening to Reynolds pamphlet and say no to this) I'm thinking Hamilton, why are you so stupid? But then when listening to alexander Hamilton I'm like Hamilton how are you so smart?

He could do damage to Jefferson without writing under a pseudonym

And uses words like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis (wow it auto corrected, nice.