Simple tattoo ideas.

Love Sarah Hyland's Arrow Tattoo? See 30 More Ink Ideas!

This is the placement for the simple arrow, and I like the location of breathe for my strength tattoo.

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

30 Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

These teeny tiny tattoos just go to show that sometimes less is more. Have a look at the 57 "so cute I could die" tattoos and make sure your Tattooist is on standby, you will be calling him real soon.

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75 Cute and Fascinating Tattoos For Girls

In Buddhism, UNALOME symbols are like the visual image of reaching enlightenment. The spiral indicates your struggle with life, while the straight line symbolizes that one has finally achieved harmony. Gals! Please note – UNALOME as the “crowns” of Arahants, the enlightened saints are considered as a very powerful symbol of spiritual and personal quest.

40 Cultured UNALOME Tattoo Symbol Designs

Interestingly, cultured UNALOME tattoo symbol designs are first spiritual symbols and often considered as feminine hipster tattoos.