Kawaii Offensive Text ◕‿◕

I wasnt tryin to holla

I can sit here and make this whole board..and others about you...but unlike your pathetic life, my life doesn't revolve around you..it never has...so your still living your life as a hypocrite..Say what you want about me..your words don't mean shit to me...never have, told you...and others I hate liars and want nothing to do with you...didn't I make that clear..?

Count every beautiful thing

pastel goth quotes - Google Search

rude kawaii - I died laughing.

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Dear diary, my life is a complete fiasco

Just me and Lenny. I call him Lenny because it's short for Lenovo.

Just me and Lenny. I call him Lenny because it's short for Lenovo.

Offensive Kawaii Tumblr

Offensive Kawaii Tumblr

Life support system for a haircut

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Lonely Hearts Club <3 Marina and The Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds- Lonely Hearts Club lyrics

Offensive Heart Text - Ya Nasty by hunnydoll

‘Offensive Heart Text - Ya Nasty’ iPhone Case/Skin by hunnydoll

Pin > G I A N N A ❤️

You are like Internet Explorer. No one likes you

Some one please tell me.... 😉😉😉😂😂😂

Some one please tell me.... 😉😉😉😂😂😂

Pinny: @donttouchmyafro ♡

I am too fucking magical.

Fast and Furious. love this movie! I about died laughing at this part! Roman just cracks me up!

Fast and Furious moment

Fast and Furious 6 funniest scene

See the good...

because if you don't train your mind to see it, you might miss what treasures are hidden in the hard stuff. accountability, holding yourself accountable, accountability quotes

Check Out Some Of The Funniest GIF's And Get Your Laugh On

Check Out Some Of The Funniest GIF’s And Get Your Laugh On

Chicken Runs Around Wearing Blue Pants - Gif Finder - Find and Share funny animated gifs

Percy Honey, it may finish the quest, but it may also finish YOU.

Chiron: *sighs audibly* I walked right into that, didn't I? Percy: With all four hooves