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カッコ可愛いそらるさんが大好き! これからもそのままで(✿´ ꒳ ` ) #11月3日はそらるさんの誕生日 #そらるさんの誕生日を全力で祝う人RT #そらるさん生誕祭2014 #RT ...

ONE (オネ) is a Japanese CeVIO Creative Studio voice bank developed and distributed by PLACE.

ahoge bangs black hair blush collarbone commander (girls frontline) drinking eyebrows visible through hair from side girls frontline green eyes hair between eyes headphones hood hooded jacket jacket juice box male focus open clothes open jacket shijiu

Ia vocaloid Setsuna Drive

Ia vocaloid Setsuna Drive Art by Sidu

I'm Caten I'm Canas twin brother but I'm on my own away from my dad and from her I bring chaos everywhere I go.