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Some drawings I posted a while ago on my tumblr here: syntheticimagination.tumblr.co…. I wasn't sure if you guys on dA are into fusions as much a....

A bunch of Pokemon Fusions by cat-meff. You have no idea how badly I want there to be a game where you can fuse Pokemon ! (I'm usually not big into Pokemon fusions but these are beautiful!

Pokemon ORAS you most likely felt the same way

I just got the game yesterday and I met this kid and automatically fell in love with this cutesy patootsie

Pokemon - Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Contest

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Pokemon Ruby -- and we all know THAT was the best one ever invented (Is wrong that I ship Franticshipping soo hard, and yet has a crush on Ruby?

Dimension Anime - ✔Imagenes , gifs✔ - Comunidad - Google+

Dimension Anime - ✔Imagenes , gifs✔ - Comunidad - Google+

Finally someone point this out

Finally someone point this out << I think the guy just really likes blue pokemon, and you can teach nidoqueen surf even though it's not a water type.