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To be fair, Churchill did reach the Doctor directly on the phone in the dalek episode. But this is still hilarious

Actually if u remember, Martha GAVE the Doctor HER phone incase she needed to reach him. When she call the doctor she was calling her old phone that the doctor kept in the tardis

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astudyintimelords: “ So I recently bought this Dalek talking plushie and if you sleep hugging a stuffed plushie and roll over a lot take my word for it and don’t sleep with it because last night I was.

Poor Martha

Tulips are friend-zone flowers. Friend-zone flowers are cool.

Kill a character in every episode vs. Kill the same character in every episode. Rory-we've got a support group, t-shirts an everything.

Poor Clara "We've a support group, you know. T-Shirts and everything.

I've only seen the 9th doctor episodes so far but from what I have been hearing about Donna, I'm sure this is very true.

Ninth Doctor & Donna Noble: The sassiest of Doctor Who characters.

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Captain Jack Harkness everybody! Me and my BFF always say STOP IT! like 10 in everyday conversations<< jack harkness will flirt with literally everybody and everything

My favorite part of Doomsday is the sassy banter between the Cybermen and the Daleks.

Daleks vs. Cybermen…

Funny pictures about Daleks vs. Oh, and cool pics about Daleks vs. Also, Daleks vs.

I don't know if this is real but it's awesome!

How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers. Not sure if it's real as I don't read the comic books. But still fun to think about it! <----- if I worked at Marvel that would be me: sneaking characters from other fandoms into the background