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oh Martin

Martin Freeman, The Hobbit. I totally agree with Peter. Martin is *the best* person ever to play Bilbo. Not only does he embody what it means to be a hobbit very well, but he also has the quirkiness and humor of Bilbo himself.

The Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers

The Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers

Bilbo you just jinxed yourself...

Um, excuse you. I know that everyone is excited about Smaug and The Hobbit but could you please, please remember to spell.

The look I give anyone who says they haven't seen Lord of the Rings

MRW my co-worker said she has never watched LOTR because it looks nerdy.

When people say they like Harry Potter better than Lord of the Rings. *Aragorn is not amused*


lol this is acting in a nutshell

Legolas's face as he took down the servant of evil, Beiber. <----- pinning JUST for that!!! Oh my gosh.

Can we talk about all the ridiculous faces Orlando makes as Legolas.

(gif) - DOS EE

Aidan (Kíli) looks so excited while Dean (Fíli) looks real unsure about this whole barrel situation.

Rem Art

XD "Thranduil, I'm more fabulous than you." <- Why do I not have fabulous Thorin gif?

Thranduil The Hobbit Battle of the five armies

Thranduil The Hobbit Battle of the five armies. I love him so very dearly much.

Lol yes

"You hide the weapon, I'll distract the hobbit" / The Hobbit / Thranduil / Bard / Gandalf knocked up (Geek Stuff Comment)