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red (I love the color & design of this, but all I can picture are those birds attacking her sandwich!)

Brooke Shaden’s photography has a wonderful fantastical element to the pictures, each image creating its own story. Shaden is a self portrait artist, her aims are to put herself into ‘otherworldly’.


Photographer Kylli Sparre draws upon her background in dance to create elegant narratives that feel like scenes right out of a dream. The artist uses image

Sparrek 8

[all photos by Sparrek ] While Estonian photographer Kylli Sparre (better known as Sparrek) may have never shot a fashion editor.

“Reza a lenda que quem vive coisas boas são as mesmas pessoas que as fazem, e que o que existe entre o "ter" e o "ser" é só ponto de vista e força de vontade.”

the wind whistles spirited songs,self portrait orbs dance frolic movement landscape fine art photography brookeshaden texture by les brumes

Kylli Sparre

Kylli Sparre (aka Sparrek) trained as a professional ballet dancer before coming to the conclusion that the path wasn't for her.