Biceps - cable hammer curl

CABLE HAMMER CURL - The cable hammer curl, as all hammer grip exercises, focuses on the internal part of the biceps, in particular the brachioradialis and external brachialis biceps. This exercise involves forearms as additional muscles.

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The Ultimate Shoulder Workouts Anatomy. We& put together this graphic of different types shoulder workouts. Knowing the anatomy of each muscle group is

Dumbbell Pullover

DUMBBELL PULLOVER - Lower the dumbbell slowly behind your head in a arc, keeping the arms stretched. When you feel your chest completely stretched, bring the arms back to the starting position.

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The Rock Arms Workout Routine. How Dwayne Johnson gets huge arms. Massive Biceps and Triceps.

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SEATED BENT OVER DUMBELLS REAR DELT RAISE - The seated bent-over dumbbells rear delt raise exercise focuses on the rear deltoids and involves the lateral head too. The exercise involves the upper and central part of the traps as secondary muscles.

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Targets your gluteus maximus. Your hamstrings (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus) act as synergists. Use the standing cable hip extension as an auxiliary exercise to isolate your gluteus maximus. Training y


OVERHEAD CABLE CURL - The overhead cable curl is useful to train the biceps and in particular to stimulate the medial fibres and is therefore particular fit for the development of the biceps peak.


The Correct Way To Build Huge Biceps - There are for sure many ways to build your biceps.Though when I hit the gym I see many