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Transform the red licorice at your kid's birthday party into a convincing stick of Minecraft style dynamite. Simply print these small wraps and place them over some Twizzlers to make them look like the TNT blocks from the iconic video game.

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Minecraft party ideas for kids who love Minecraft- boys party ideas- green party colors- minecraft block shoes

The Ultimate Minecraft Party

The Ultimate Minecraft birthday Party for kids- birthday party for boys- games, decor, green and tan, minecraft shoes - Ziggity Zoom

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Minecraft Party

Steve, creeper & a pig . Make a candy apple by cooking, decorating food, decorating, and printing with cardboard box and wrapping paper. Inspired by costumes & cosplay. Creation posted by Nancy.

Free Printable Minecraft Creeper Favor Bags! Print these at home for a Minecraft themed loot bag or part decoration!

Free Printable Minecraft Party bags- easy to print at home for awesome Minecraft Creeper themed favors, goodies bags or decorations!