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Beach house.

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Window to the world.  San Jaun Puerto Rico.  What a beautiful place.

Discover the best activities in Puerto Rico, Snorkel and Picnic Cruise. Get a taste of Puerto Rico with this Article.


Blue chairs that match the beautiful Mediterranean sea, white curtains for an added appeal. A romantic dinning room area. Would love to live here and have this kind of dining room.


Ocean View, Santorini, Greece-the ocean freaks me out. love the windows and all but when is leviathan going to reach through and snatch me into the briny depths.


Windows and doors . The door - the border. Behind the door - another room, another space. The window - looked and forgotten .


Viewing de beach of Downhill Demense n Benone Atlantic Ocean wif de Belfast/L'Derry railway line below. De hills of Donegal r in de distance, thru de window inside de Mussenden Temple of Ireland