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So  where would you be without FOB?  I would be very very very deep into the ground;in a tomb.

So where would you be without FOB?I don't even remember what I was like before I listened to fall out boy. These lil guys saved my life :')

Ughh be still my heart.  I hope Beth knew how truly fortunate she was to have been with this beautiful soul through those wonderful years. I'm urethane she did I mean if not, her loss right?

I felt it was a real honor that people said we were their favorite band. People should know that it meant a lot to me." - Eddie Vedder on Pearl Jam.


Eddie: This cigar is heaven as is this bottle of wine. -- Me: Hey Eddie, what book are you reading? I am assuming it is "Chariots of the Gods" so you need to hook me up, friend.

Classic Rock  all 4 Rockers   just  Rockin  out  ;-$

Gene and Paul


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