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Get your toddler/child/picky eater to eat their fruits and veggies...disguised as a muffin!

Get your toddler/child/picky eater to eat their fruits and veggies…disguised as a muffin! This recipe requires a blender, so if you have a child helping you out, adult supervision is absolutely necessary.

Delicious and fluffy cauliflower pancakes! You can't taste the cauliflower, I promise!

Fluffy Cauliflower Pancake

This cauliflower pancake recipe is a super healthy breakfast idea for kids. The trick is to get your cauliflower super smooth, just like baby food!

Who says nuggets are just for kids? Step aside, junior, this delicious and easy recipe gives them a grown-up makeover! Oh, and they’re a perfect addition to your Fall party or gameday spread.

Chik'n Parmesan Bagel Bites

Miniature bagels, split and toasted with garlic butter, transform popular Chik’n Parmesan into hand-held snacks.

Toddler-approved Homemade Chicken Nuggets - the great thing about this recipe? Using up leftover chix or easily boiled/shredded chix. Would'nt these be great to make ahead in freeze? I'm gushing with possibilities!

Toddler Perfect Chicken Nuggets

awesome website for kids recipes Toddler Perfect Healthy Chicken Nuggets from Super healthy kids. Getting real tired of these nasty store chicken nuggets.