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We started talking about ancient Greece and briefly discussed the mythology and I had to try so hard not to sound like a know-it-all because of Percy Jackson!

So I'm in history and me, all the other Percy Jackson fandom members and the TEACHER had a ten minute fight over who Uncle Rick will kill off in House of Hades. It was epic. We're studying Greek mythology and whenever the teacher asks a que


Lol I'm not gonna give the answer so try it yerself! It's really funny! Type will percy jackson ever die? Translate Θα πεθάνει ποτέ ο Percy Jackson to english = Percy Jackson will ever die

Gee, i don't know if i should pin this on Avatar or Percy Jackson.. I will put it on both.

Gee, i don't know if i should pin this on Avatar or Percy Jackson.

PERSASSY STRIKES AGAIN..... oh my gods why does spell check think Persassy is not a properly spelled word this madness must stop...

Percy isn't even on the sassymeter. He would BREAK the sassymeter with all his sass.

That's so me!! Ancient Greece unit in social studies. I literally aced the pre-test. Kinda of, i got two wrong out of 20. still good though!!

Read Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, and just random Mythology books. So, yea I guess you could say I'm into Greek and Roman Mythology!

That was my problem when I went to go buy the first series it was in the kids section of the book store.

Too much sadness. Those poor scarred year olds, imagine "Little Suzie you ok? Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus!" <---------- There is no age limit for this amazingness! I am I will continue to fangirl!

Had to ya'll it made me laugh more than I should have... real truth there though lol

It's just like person: I hate Percy Jackson Me: WHAT DID YOU SAY? person (frightened): I said I love Percy Jackson.

random Thursday day

Sorry I didn't have the time to do this 2 days ago, I was busy, but Happy (late Thanksgiving guys! Or Happy random Thursday.

i have no words...none.

How Percy Jackson references sound to people outside of the fandom, OR conclusive proof Rick Riordan is heartless.<-- UNCLE LEO STRIKES AGAIN

Bitch this is a disgrace. I freakin love Piper. Why don't we sacrifice Smelly Gabe's dead body

Fangirls of Percy, Leo, and Nico: Is This True For Everyone?<<<< Could we please sacrifice Octavian instead?

for those who prefer books and movies with less glittery vampires and more substance

Percy Jackson and the Olympians For those who prefer books and movies with less glittering vampires and more substance