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Not even surprised....Jason isn't stealing any cookies anymore

2 cookies how many do u have on ur plate if I start with Would prob be a better way to teach Percy math

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I love how annabeth and Percy automatically stick together and then piper changes hers after Reyna says the same place as Jason. Meanwhile frank and Hazel are being their cute selves in Disney :)>>>>>>>>leo is in florida too.hazel picked it

A new ask the seven! Question from @bommelm What should we ask the Seven next?

Leo definitely deserves it the most after Percy. He sacrificed so much for the Seven, he built the Argo he RETURNED to Calypso and most importantly, he died for the prophecy

Best Percabeth moment ever! There are some head canons that are stupid, but I totally see this happening.

This is the cutest little cute thing ever to be cute. But I'm not sure if by the time Hazel's in HS Percy and Annabeth will be.

>> I hope that they mean the REAL Calypso, otherwise it just sounds like a sad replacement, which is totally unfair towards the real Calypso. <<<< yay life is Goode

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This would be absolutely AMAZING. Just imagine Percy inviting the coach back to Camp Half-Blood and Charon just getting all teary eyed and welcoming.

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Percabeth xD I habe a feeling that Poseidon would be an awesome father to have, just because he most likely would do hilarious things like this.