Zuko, Izumi & Druk = http://sallykie.tumblr.com/post/111230073253/this-is-so-sappy-i-am-personally-melting-sorry

…This is so sappy, I am personally melting. Also had to change bby Izumi’s face several times because the hair made her look too much like first Kiyi, then Jinora, then Ty Lee.

love this SOOOOOO much!!! I cannot stop laughing! This is exactly what I though of when she went all Avatar State when he came.

***LOK ENDING SPOILERS*** Anyone else wonder how Mako was holding up in the background while Korra was in the avatar state? Into the Storm

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there are so many things about avatar I love. this is one of the big reasons :) <Netflix needs to add back Avatar so I can finish watching it.

The product of humanity

The product of humanity

Fullmetal and Avatar, they make my life complete

Alchemists meets Benders Fullmetal Alchemist x Avatar: The Legend of Aang/ The Legend of Korra crossover

LoK: The Original Bear by Neodusk.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Legend of Korra - The Original Bear ---> SNK Theme came on at the moment I scrolled down to Katara's entrance (perfect timing!