Commission - Erika Sketch Chibi 1 by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt Sooo cute! I'm in love with is artist!

Say Hello to Music by pastlebunneh via deviantart.  Account is deactivated though =(

commission for Caseykinz --- DON'T use, copy, trace, reference or repost my works! Only characters owner allowed to use it!

Edit: Animated version in my profile and Here - - yay :3 I did just for be fun 9u9 and to put in my profile ~ I didn't liked the hair orz Now I'm trying animate it - the eyes and ears, but <(TT ...

Celshading chibi commission for Ejeect yawnn I loved the character design, is so cute I don't know if the best part is her hair or the roses ; I don't know I loved this char.

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The drawings of Eukia are so cuuuuute ! ^o^ ——— Les dessins d’Eukia sont tellement mignoooooon !

Commission - R-rawrrr by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt

Celshading chibi commission for DimensionTG Such a pretty boy I love drawing kemonomimi and fluffy tail!

march!! by on @DeviantArt

Name: Orion Type: Wolf neko Likes: Neko kitties and Wolfs Dislikes: meanies

En chibi

Her name is Jody and she loves and I mean loves dance. She defiantly loves Ballet!