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Non Fiction Text Features

non-fiction text features anchor chart. Focusing on non-fiction text is equally important, as much of the reading required in the junior grades is focused on non-fiction text and writing.

Nonfiction vs. Fiction

Fiction/Nonfiction anchor chart - I like how the students add sticky notes. sticky notes could be an important part of making anchor charts with the kids.

Text Features Anchor Chart | Text features for non-fiction, somewhat color-coded (tee-hee). First ...

Text features for non-fiction, somewhat color-coded (tee-hee). First grade anchor chart. by shar.

Main Idea Anchor Chart. image only

Main Idea Anchor Chart- Rl Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.

Onomonopoeia Anchor Chart - Internet Beside Follower

This is a beautifully made anchor chart explaining onomatopoeia. I like how it has the onomatopoeia words written in different colors. It is also written in rhyme so you could have the students chant it out loud together.

Ways students can respond in writing to non-fiction text they've read... I like this!

Reading Responses – Non-Fiction

Will have to create own for NON FICTION STATION.Non Fiction Reading Response Choice Board. The templates that go with this choice board can be cut and pasted into interactive notebooks!

character traits anchor chart - Google Search

Character traits anchor chart, like the completeness of this. Broken down more for strugglers.

schema anchor chart - I have a poster that I made VERY similar to this one!   Great lesson to teach kids how to know what is schema, what we use our schema for, and how to get more schema!

Schema Anchor Chart: Schema, our mental filing cabinet, is a key element of my theory! Schema can help readers use semantic cues.

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Author's Purpose anchor chart (picture only) I love how each genre is listed beside the purpose. I like this chart and would like to have one in my own classroom.