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Percy Jackson for life. I totally agree, we will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever forgive Gabe...

you just can't like the man who was a douche I THE sally Jackson. I mean she is easily the most badass mother in the series.<<< We can't forgive Octavian for killing my pillow pet ~Percy

Poor Piper, until that moment I had no idea she was blind.*sniff* To not be able to see Percy...poor girl! :P

If she were visually impaired she wouldn't have been able to say Percy's an inch shorter, more slender and . well, considering Jason's blonde and Percy's got black hair anyone can notice that.

Haha ITS TRUE THOUGH. sherlock's insane, doctor who's illogical yet big hearted, supernaturals kinda scary, harry potter is just everyone and always, and the pjato fandom is proudly the odd child...

We are probably the weirdest fandom next to the Sherlock fandom who once stalked Bennedict Cumberbatch's hair <<< Nah. I think we're the weirdest fandom

Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Les Miserables, and Doctor Who.

This sums it up pretty well.

Percy Jackson and all I care about is Annabeth.basically<<<Where's Percy? Trying to find annabeth.

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I can't see half of these happening. I wish instead of Jason and Percy being friends in the BoO, it was more Jason and Leo or Jason and Nico < I dont really ship them. even as BrOTP.

our fandom tho..........

it basically describes my life. BLOOD OF OLYMPUS SPOILER WARNING!<<<<<<<<<Harry Potter is and always will be the ultimate fandom, but I absolutely LOVE this!>>>>>pjo is the best in my opinion

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Will using up all his powers to heal Nico and dying. Then Hades kicking him back up to the world of the living because he (Will) isn't allowed to make his (Hades) son sad. - Not his time<<Is is bas that I laughed out loud at this?