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Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts Yep. That is my best friend spot on

In some cases, this can be a major flaw, but I'll always look for the good in people; even when there's not much there.

Pisceans see the good. When it comes to some Piscean.this is a SERIOUS character flaw, but for most it's one of the best character traits that Pisceans offer.

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This is ME expressing my SOUL and LIFE through art, poetry, music, dance and photography.

AN AQUARIUS/AQUARIAN <{■}■}> Our Mindset is so FAR into THE FUTURE... Because we Go BACK and FORTH into the  FUTURE SO MANY TIMES... It's Hard for PEOPLE to Truly UNDERSTAND THEM <\|<■>}<■>|/>

Zodiac signs - Aquarius Very true. I've lost a lot of respect for people because they broke promises. Don't promise anything unless you will go through with it. Otherwise you're just a coward.