The Beginner's Guide to Newborn Photography #Infographics by marilise.sleigh

If you're new to photography, check out this infographic for newborn photography ideas, the beginner’s guide to newborn photography. The first step for new born photographers is to familiarize yourself with the different poses and styles utilized in newbo

The Top 10: Simple Newborn Poses #designaglow

How Posing Can Take You from Faux to Pro

The Top Simple Newborn Poses Photo credits: Allison Corrin Photography Christina Block Photography Jenny Cruger Photography Candice Wong Photography Aimee Cook Photography

@Shantay Peterson please take a picture like this, I can't stop laughing, its so freaking cute!

Baby in big nerd glasses asleep on a pile of books. So cute. Totally going to have to do this with my future kids, like mama, like baby - book worm!


Aiden had such a perfect head of hair and sweet little features. And what a great little sleeper he is - letting us get so many beautiful setups and not even a peep when his big .