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Hand Study - how to draw the human hand, in varying positions. I think that this reference is best for when drawing male hands, judging by the sketches.

Vibrant Cell-shading Swatch Pallete by NixieSeal.deviantart.com ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン | çizgi film • Find more at https://www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences & http://www.pinterest.com/characterdesigh if you're looking for: #color #theory #contrast #animation #how #to #draw #drawing #tutorial #lesson #balance #sketch #colors #anatomy #line #art #comics #tips #cartoon || ✤:

vibrant cell shading swatch pallete by nixiesealdeviantartcom character design references izgi film

"I've always loved to work with details, and drawing eyes seemed like the perfect challenge.":

Look Twice at These Ultra-Realistic Eye Drawings

"I've always loved to work with details, and drawing eyes seemed like the perfect challenge." amazing drawing of the eyes

Hands Reference by Pikishi | Tutorials & Walkthroughs | Pinterest

Another nice Hand reference, this time with pictures ___________ Hands Reference by *Pikishi on deviantART

HOW TO DRAW A FACE by Stephanie Valentin by esinnn

Delineate Your Lips - how to draw a face by roslyn - How to draw lips correctly? The first thing to keep in mind is the shape of your lips: if they are thin or thick and if you have the M (or heart) pronounced or barely suggested.

How to draw Hairstyles

Reference of hair styles. How to draw hairstyles straight hair, how to draw people, drawing hair, resources for art students drawing lesson