Post-Apocalyptic LEGO Landscape Is Full Of Cool Details

Post-Apocalyptic LEGO Landscape Is Full Of Cool Details

Just in time for Fallout Swedish LEGO builders from Swebrick created a huge post-apocalyptic diorama that could easily be a scene from the game or from another similar franchise.

Spectral Motion

“Graf Orlock (Nosferatu) inspired Vampire design in foam latex” Spectral Motion found here


Terrifying Halloween Stories

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Vampire portrait finish by chris-anyma - holy mfing crap. I'm just pinning this because.heck if I know.

Sister Mary Blumenthal, upon her unsubstantiated confession to the Order's Mother Superior that she had become a Godless crack whore after being abducted by a splinter group of rogue Jesuit Priests and forced into a life of drugs and prostitution from their monastery on the Lower East Side, was placed on six months of "Conditional Forgiveness" and a "No Trespass" order from the monastery. She was unavailable for comment.

Fresh off the success of The Conjuring the film company is spinning off the villain of the supernatural thriller, the demonic nun, into her own movie.