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NextGov - ICE Hacked Its Own Employees to Teach Self-Defense in Cyberspace:   U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is replacing workforce security awareness tutorials with real world hack attempts to test employee reflexes, and so far, 80 percent of the personnel trained have successfully fought off potential cyberspies. ICE's program focuses on a cyber hazard that is difficult tackle: human nature.

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An official U.S. study suggests that online security and privacy issues have led people to reduce their Internet use.

17 Online Services to Create Strong and Secure Passwords - Quertime

Networking technologies #infographic. #telconetworks

INFOGRAPHIC: High Performance Cloud Computing Networks

Today, networking takes place both through data centers and on the cloud. How was the system born and where is it going? The Ethernet cable, a common household essential even today, was invented in 1973 by Xerox PARC.

Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics Comes of Age - - - What is Big Data in HR?

Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics (People Analytics) Comes of Age

Big Data in Human Resources: Talent Analytics (People Analytics) Comes of Age - Forbes

#subnet mask #reference

George Ou explains IP subnetting using his own graphical approach. It& a great primer for students and a nice refresher for others.

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Digital tools makes it easier for Social Studies teachers to use tech! Read about three ways social studies teachers integrate tech in teaching.

Apple sells the iPad 4 back priced from 8.5 million

iPad Pro: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours

Is there such a thing as Internet privacy? #Infographic #socialmedia #internet

Is There Such A Thing As Social Media Privacy? #infographic

HR Analytics: The What, Why and How...:Amazon:Books  [Getting Started: Books]

HR Analytics: The What, Why and How...:Amazon:Books [Getting Started: Books]

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