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purefectionist:  urbancoast:  peachhhh:  fuckyeahtattoos:   This is a black light tattoo. I got it done at Oxygen in Wildwood NJ. The meaning is to me is that I always wear my heart on my sleeve.   fkn sick  This is so cool  woah
Nancy, I thought of you immediately when I saw this!  I think it looks great and is an awesome idea!  You could even use 1 book as the shelf and then put something else on top, like a knick-knack or something.  I might try it myself!    Invisible book shelves
black hole shadow

Astronomers Are Getting Ready To Take The Image Of The Century

cable_cut2_map.png (1648×865)
Harry Potter Marauders Map Tattoo With Words That Appear Under Black Light  Harry Potter Fantasy Movie Magic & Adventure Harry Potter Movies Meme
Dopamine Serotonin Epinephrine. I like the way they are stacked but I would subtract the epinephrine and replace it with acetylcholine making sure the chiral center on acetylcholine is 3D somehow.
though chemistry lies outside of my realm of competence, and though i am far from a tattoo nut, i love the nerdy and artistic tattoo concept