Enjoy the sun, the beach, the weather. just enjoy life, because it's great when you're having fun!


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"Her eyes are not only a haunting pool of a dark abyss, they are a comforting place where I choose to divulge my secret inhibitions.. "(Author: J.L.Thomas)

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Can't wait for summer 2017 purchasing paddle boards was one of the best decision me and my fiance made!

Paddle boarding : Definitely on my summer bucketlist :) or my 50 year bucket list;

This is how i feel ALL THE TIME!!!! :)

Summer Quote: palm trees ocean breeze salty air sun kissed hair endless summer take me

Always -

Free Your Soul Weekend

:) my and bff! haha not really.. i wish! we need a pic like thiss!

sweet summertime Photos of beauti girls - on the beach, outdoors, in cars. Only real girls.

Just had to share this lovely floral lemonade with you! #regram from @plantfolk - Here is the recipe for the floral pink lemonade since it's summer and it's so beautiful and easy to make: . Pour one cup of hot (not boiling) water over 3-4 tablespoons of a floral tea blend. I used 1 tsp each dried lavender chamomile linden and hibiscus and one tablespoon each of fresh chopped lemon balm and wild rose petals. You can use any flowers/herbs you want but the hibiscus is important for the pink…

Just had to share this lovely floral lemonade with you!